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Christ Chapel


Reservations for events being hosted at Christ Chapel will open on Monday, March 13, 2017. For more information please contact Event Services at 208-426-1677.

The Christ Chapel, located on Boise State University Property, was moved to the present location at the corner of Broadway and 1010 Cesar Chavez Lane in 1964. The chapel is a Historic Shrine, built in 1866, which has been restored to be as authentic as possible.


Originally, the Chapel was an Episcopal Church, but it is now considered non-denominational, and is utilized for weddings, christenings, and for funerals. It is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of one member from each of the following: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, the Sons and Daughters of Idaho Pioneers, and Boise State University.

Preservation of the building interior and intent is enhanced by the altar preparation, particularly for weddings. The chapel caretaker will place the original candleholders, cross, and lace in their appropriate positions on the altar before each event. Prevention of damage to the floors and walls precludes moving the organs or bringing in any other heavy instruments. Additionally, throwing rice in the interior is prohibited due to cleaning difficulties. Flower arrangements are permitted inside the Chapel, and flower petals can be dropped down the aisle before the bride. Bubbles and birdseed can be used outside.

The fee for events is utilized to maintain the structure and pay utilities and salary for the attendant. Each event requires a completed Lease Agreement and the required fee at least 6 weeks in advance of the date of the event. Additional donations are accepted at any time. Donation envelopes can be found in the Chapel.

The Christ Chapel is a historical building and does not have ramp access. There are 5 steps leading up to the main entrance. Individuals in wheelchairs can sit in the front. The bridal party usually stands up on the stairs. Those sitting in the front in wheelchairs will not be too close for comfort to the bridal party. The pews in the back are next to the wall and, as a result, placing a wheelchair there is not an option.

Chapel weddings are normally scheduled for three hours and rehearsals for one hour. It is imperative that you decorate and schedule flower arrangement delivery within that time period. For deliveries, the physical address of the Chapel is 1010 Cesar Chavez Lane. All decorations left in the Chapel after your event period will be disposed.

Rental Rates

$75.00/hour with a 2 hour minimum per event

Rental charges must be paid in full at the time of booking to secure your event date.  Payment is accepted via check only and should be made out to The Christ Chapel Historical Society.  Checks can be mailed to:

University Event Services
ATTN: Christ Chapel
1910 University Dr – MS 1335
Boise, ID  83725

Event Hours and Building Closures

Events may begin at 8:00am and must conclude by 10:00pm.  Clean-up time may be in excess of 1hr following your event and will be charged accordingly.

Christ Chapel will not be available for rent on major holidays, Boise State football home games or other large University events.

Audiovisual Services

The rental of the Chapel comes with the complimentary use of the electric organ and piano.



Parking arrangements are made through your Event Coordinator during the event planning process.  We are committed to providing each client with the most convenient parking for your guests and have included the various parking options below.

Hosted Event Parking – The reserving organization may choose to pay for parking for their guests at the Event Parking Rate of $2.00/space/day.   Guests will receive a dash permit for their car.  This is emailed prior to the event date and can then be shared with guests, or made available as guests arrive on-site for your event.

Guest Pays Parking – When hosting parking on behalf of your event guests is not feasible, guests may still park in a designated area at the Event Parking Rate of $2.00/space/day by utilizing the payment kiosks and a special parking code.  Guests will enter their space # and supply payment to the machine, retaining the receipts for their records.

** Parking availability may be impacted by other events taking place on campus at the same time.  Please consult with your Event Coordinator for the best parking plan.


Personnel – For $14.75 per hour parking personnel (attendants and supervisors) can provide a number of services for your event.

Parking Rates – Parking for your event is $2.00 per space which will be counted by event parking personnel or audited with permits.

Signs – Directional signage is available to assist guests in locating the correct parking areas for events.
Generic Event Parking signs are available and are included with any equipment setup (if necessary) for the small fee of $17.00.
A 16 x 24 sign can be purchased for $25.00.  For annual events at the Student Union we offer the service of storing your signs, at no charge, for future events.