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Special Events Center


In the Special Events Center (SpEC), all the world’s a stage with continental seating. Dance, drama or opera, conferences, lectures or films, the 435-seat proscenium theater is an exceptional venue for raising the curtain on a wide spectrum of programs and activities. Each year, audiences throughout Idaho applaud award-winning speakers and performers from across the country, and around the world. From the lobby to the loading dock, everything in between is top-of-the-line.


  • box office, featuring digital and analog phone lines
  • 435-seat proscenium theater
  • satellite downlink connection
  • two, 12-person dressing rooms, including bathrooms with showers
  • a green room with a sink, a comfortable place to lounge
  • a large cinema screen with 35mm and LCD projection
  • LCD screens in lobby with house live feed video
  • a loading dock/ramp at the rear of the building with a 10’x10’ door leading to a 10’x16’stage door
  • wheelchair accessible seating

Room Specifications

Proscenium Opening
Thrust (Pit Cover)

80’w x 34’d
36’w x 20’h
36’w x 5’d
30’w x 10’d (center line)

Orchestra Pit
Grid Height

7’5″ deep, without cover

Ancillary Rooms

Red room
Blue room
Green room

18′ x 14′
18′ x 14′
29′ x 14′

Fly System and Hanging Schedule

The SpEC has a single purchase, T-track counterweight fly system with 30-line sets on a 48-line system. The typical batten length is 44′ with some extensions available, and a white cyc and black scrim are hung on the upstage battens. Four sets of 10′ x 22′ black legs and four black borders are included.

Note: Positions of legs and borders may vary depending on time between shows.

Line #UseDistance from Proscenium
2Cinima Screen1'3" (permanent)
4Main Drape2'5" (permanent)
5spare3'0" (permanent)
61st Electric4'1"
13DS Ladder8'2"
172nd Electric10'10" (permanent)
19Mid Stage Traveler12'5" (permanent)
273rd Electric17'8" (permanent)
354th Electric22'4"
42US Ladder27'8" (permanent)



The lighting system is a dimmer-per-circuit design with 185 programmable circuits, each wired directly to a 20-amp dimmer. The remaining circuits, which are for architectural lighting, may be controlled from wall stations or the control console.

Impression II control console:

ETC Source 4 parnel: 30 fixtures
ETC Source 4 par: 36 fixtures
ETC Source 4 36 Deg.: 38 fixtures
ETC Source 4 26 Deg.: 15 fixtures
ETC Source 4 19 Deg.: 11 fixtures
ETC sensor racks and dimmers

Strong x90 35mm projector
Sanyo xp46 LCD projector
Mitsubishi xl5950 LCD projector
40′ (Dia) Cinema Screen
Kramer high-resolution video switcher
Marantz and Samsung DVD players
Audio Equipment

Allen and Heath ML4000 mixing desk
Allen and Heath Mixwiz 16 channel mixer
Crown USM 810 audio processor
Crown Microtech 1200/2400/VZ3600 amplifiers
Center Cluster loudspeakers JBL AM4200/64, JBL AM4200/95, JBLAL 6115
Left and Right cluster loudspeakers JBL4215/64, JBL AL6125
JBL Eon (4 units)
FBT 4A Maxx (4 units)
Mackie 450 (2 units)
Mackie SW1801 subs (2 units)
Horizon 16 input stage snake
Horizon 24 input stage snake
Wireless Microphones

Shure LX4 (installed) (3 units)
Shure SLX (6 units in 1 equipment case)
Additional Units: a maximum of 6 can be available
Standard Microphones

Shure SM 57(6), Shure beta 58(6), Shure SM81(2), Audix D6(2), AudixCX-111(2)
Audix ADX-51(2), AKG 535(4), Crown PCC(3), Shure MX22(3), EV N/D267(4)
Rane 31 channel eq
DBX compressors and limiters
TC electronic effects unit

Steinway Grand piano
6′ Yamaha piano

12 Clearcom or Telex units: built-in circuits throughout theater, including box office
program feed available to lobby, ticket office and dressing rooms


Parking arrangements can now be made through your Event Coordinator during the event planning process. We are committed to providing each client with the most convenient parking for your guests.


Hosted Event Parking – The reserving organization may choose to pay for parking for their guests at the Event Parking Rate of $2.00/space/day.   Guests will still need to enter their space # into the payment kiosk but when they select the Event Button, they will not be prompted for payment.  A report is run directly following the end of the event and is used to produce the final invoice.

Guest Pays Parking – When hosting parking on behalf of your event guests is not feasible, guests may still park in a designated area at the Event Parking Rate of $2.00/car/day by utilizing the payment kiosks and the Event Button on the screen.  Guests will enter their space # and supply payment to the machine, retaining the receipts for their records.


Personnel – For $14.75 per hour parking personnel (attendants and supervisors) can provide a number of services for your event.

Parking Rates – Parking for your event is $2.00 per space which will be counted by event parking personnel or audited with permits.

Set-Up – If you need to set-up for your event prior to your event day, there are meters located on the east side of the Student Union or you can arrange for dashboard permits in advance by contacting your Event Coordinator.

Signs – Directional signage is available to assist guests in locating the correct parking areas for events.
Generic Event Parking signs are available and are included with any equipment setup (if necessary) for the small fee of $17.00.
A 16 x 24 sign can be purchased for $25.00.  For annual events at the Student Union we offer the service of storing your signs, at no charge, for future events.

Please contact the Event Parking Team with any additional questions –


Download a printable map of the parking map for the Student Union Building.