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Student Union Building

Attention Student Union event hosts, guests, and visitors: Click here to stay up to date on summer construction project impacts and information. 

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The Student Union operates the facility to maximize usage for both the University community (recognized Student Organizations and University departments) and the large community in Boise and in Idaho. The Student Union complies with State Board of Education policies regarding providing facilities to non-University entities and has structured both its internal guidelines and pricing structures to support this goal.

The Student Union is an auxiliary service of Boise State University and is responsible for the operation and maintenance costs of its facility and staff.  Typically, recognized Student Organizations and University departments do not pay for meeting rooms to conduct regular student group or departmental meetings or business.

For more information on Co-Sponsorships and Facility Use, please refer to our Event Guidelines.

Rental Rates

Ballroom and meeting space rentals include tables, chairs, staging, house sound, podium with microphone, one easel, one whiteboard, and one flip-chart when requested.  Rates shown do not reflect Idaho state sales tax of 6%.

Our non-profit, educational and government partners are eligible for a 50% discount on their room rental upon providing documentation of their 501(c)3.


Ballroom capacity information and daily rates

Room NameSquare FeetOverall Room DimensionsBanquet Buffet StyleClassroom StyleConference StyleLecture StyleDaily Rates
Hatch Ballroom521755'-6" x 94'21622272430$1,650.00
Hatch A154056' x 27'-6"485136120$500.00
Hatch B156856' x 28'645430108$500.00
Hatch C104538' x 27'-6"39333060$400.00
Hatch D106438' x 28'40392384$400.00
Hatch AB3108-11211448250$1,000.00
Hatch CD2109-726942150$800.00
Jordan Ballroom**14125125' x 113'840528-1400$3,500.00
Jordan Room A209038' x 55'968442160$650.00
Jordan Room B203537' x 55'1129042180$650.00
Jordan Room C203537' x 55'1129042180$650.00
Jordan Room D621555' x 113'28832754520$1,875.00
Jordan Room E1680-----$200.00
Jordan Rooms AB or BC4070-17617172330$1,250.00
Jordan Rooms ABC6160-28832754250$1,875.00
Simplot Ballroom10000102' x 92'350324-700$3,750.00
Simplot Room A200047' x 40' 6"485442120$700.00
Simplot Room B200045' x 40' 6"485442120$700.00
Simplot Room C200047' x 39'726048150$700.00
Simplot Room D200047' x 39'726048150$700.00
Simplot Room AC4000-16013572250$1,250.00
Simplot Room BD4000-16013572250$1,250.00
*Hatch Ballroom may be used as ABCD, AB, or CD
**Jordan Ballroom may be used as ABC, A/BC, AB/C with ABC being equal to Room D

Meeting Spaces

Meeting spaces capacity and daily rates

Room NameSquare FeetOverall Room DimensionsBanquet Buffet StyleClassroom StyleConference StyleLecture StyleDaily Rates
Ah Fong Room43523'-6" x 18'-6"24241835$235.00
Alexander Room49423'-6" x 21'24242235$235.00
Bergquist Room930-48424280$475.00
Bishop Barnwell Room166040' x 41'-6"726042120$650.00
Boyington Room41021' x 19'-6"24181835$235.00
Brink Room42922' x 19'-6"24181835$235.00
Cataldo Room37916'-6" x 23'24181830$235.00
Chief Joseph Room23412' x 19'-6"--10-$150.00
Farnsworth Room93223' x 40'-6"48393665$475.00
Fisher Room32016' x 17'6"--10-$300.00
Foote Room31914'-6" x 22'--14-$300.00
Forum Room96030' x 32'--1836$400.00
Lookout Room264039'6" x 66'6"1209648175$900.00
Shipman Room17414'-6" x 12'--8-$150.00
Trueblood Room57517' 6" x 31' 3"32303049$450.00

Promotional Spaces & Special Events Center

Promotional spaces and Special Events Center capacity and daily rates

Room NameSpace DescriptionDaily Rates
Atrium Space1 - 3' wide counter with 2 stools located on the 1st
floor of the Student Union just steps away from the
dining room and food court
University Use Only
University Quad Space10'x10' concrete area with 1-6' table and 2 chairs
located on a busy thoroughfare in the middle of
University Use Only
Special Events Center435-seat proscenium theatre with full projection,
audio and theatrical lighting capabilities

Audiovisual Services

University Event Services supports a wide variety of audiovisual needs for your event. Below is a list of rates for our most commonly requested AV equipment and services.  Click HERE to download a full list of equipment available for your event. Please contact your Event Coordinator to discuss ways to maximize your event using audiovisual equipment and services and rental.

Rental and Service Rates

Ballroom and meeting space rentals include house sound and a podium with microphone when requested. Additional equipment and services are available for an additional charge. Rates shown do not reflect Idaho state sales tax of 6%.

Audio Visual Technician$36.00/hour$36.00/hour$18.00/hour$18.00/hour$9.00/hour
Audio-Conferencing Unit$85.00/day$63.75/day$45.50/day$45.50/day$21.25/day
LCD Projector$180.00/day$135.00/day$90.00/day$90.00/day$45.00/day
LCD Screen (TV)$50.00/day$37.50/day$25.00/day$25.00/day$12.50/day
Microphone (Wireless)$50.00/day$37.50/day$25.00/day$25.00/day$12.50/day
Projection Screen$10.00/day$7.50/day$5.00/day$5.00/day$2.50/day
Video Conference Unit$100.00/hour$75.00/hour$50.00/hour$50.00/hour$25.00/hour
Video Recording Package$50.00/day$37.50/day$25.00/day$25.00/day$12.50/day


Parking arrangements can now be made through your Event Coordinator during the event planning process. We are committed to providing each client with the most convenient parking for your guests.


Hosted Event Parking – The reserving organization may choose to pay for parking for their guests at the Event Parking Rate of $2.00/space/day.   Guests will still need to enter their space # into the payment kiosk but when they select the Event Button, they will not be prompted for payment.  A report is run directly following the end of the event and is used to produce the final invoice.

Guest Pays Parking – When hosting parking on behalf of your event guests is not feasible, guests may still park in a designated area at the Event Parking Rate of $2.00/car/day by utilizing the payment kiosks and the Event Button on the screen.  Guests will enter their space # and supply payment to the machine, retaining the receipts for their records.


Personnel – For $14.75 per hour parking personnel (attendants and supervisors) can provide a number of services for your event.

Parking Rates – Parking for your event is $2.00 per space which will be counted by event parking personnel or audited with permits.

Set-Up – If you need to set-up for your event prior to your event day, there are meters located on the east side of the Student Union or you can arrange for dashboard permits in advance by contacting your Event Coordinator.

Signs – Directional signage is available to assist guests in locating the correct parking areas for events.
Generic Event Parking signs are available and are included with any equipment setup (if necessary) for the small fee of $17.00.
A 16 x 24 sign can be purchased for $25.00.  For annual events at the Student Union we offer the service of storing your signs, at no charge, for future events.

Please contact the Event Parking Team with any additional questions –


Download a printable map of the parking map for the Student Union Building.